HOLIDAY HOURS!                Desert Dog Rewards Info

We offer 9,000 sq. ft. of indoor/outdoor playand exercise area.  Outdoors, your pooch can run and play in a securely fenced enclosurefilled with small pea gravel for comfort and cleanliness.  Indoors, thedogs can escape the outdoor elements in our climate controlled warehouse on a sealed,epoxy coated play area floor.  You can take a look at any of these areas byclicking on the “Dogcam” link!! We have a separate sleeping/feeding area so your boarding pet can eat and take abreak in their comfy room, away from all of the activity of daycare.  Though all dogs are welcome in the main play area, we have two separate smaller areas with beds and blankets in case your senior dog, smaller dog or even your puppy needs a little break. Click pushpin for address View Larger Map