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Welcome to Desert Dog Daycare -

In operation since March of 2006, we are a locally owned and operated dog daycare and boarding facility in Salt Lake City.  Before opening Desert Dog, we too, worked long hours away from our dogs, only to come home exhausted to our dogs who were only too excited to see us and so anxious to play. We knew that other people had to be facing the same dilemma and decided to create a doggie oasis - a place where friendly dogs could socialize, wrestle, run and relax, all with human supervision and interaction. Humans who understand and embrace dog behavior and a healthy pack structure.  The kind of place we would want our dogs to go to - and that's exactly what we have created!

Why doggie daycare? 

Our dogs have many roles, they are our best friends, our companions, our kids, our co-pilots, our defenders - at Desert Dog we allow them to shed those roles and just be dogs. Dogs who love to run, play, chase and wrestle; dogs who love to splash around in the pool, stretch out in the sun or relax in the shade under a tree.
Dogs are much happier socializing in a fun and stimulating atmosphere with lots of love and interaction rather than being left home alone. And just as exercise is vital to a long and healthy human life, it is necessary for our dogs as well. By allowing them to exert their natural energy in a safe and positive way they will be less inclined to engage in destructive or anxious behaviors such as chewing, digging, barking, etc. when they are at home, making for a calm and relaxing evening for both you and your dog.
By allowing our dogs to behave like dogs makes for happier and more well adjusted best friends, companions, kids, co-pilots and defenders.